29 May 2020

The Walk of the Titano

The new route has been opened

43 km of walk in the nature to discover the territory of the Republic of San Marino in its lesser-known corners and live an unforgettable green experience, surrounded by a unique richness and variety of landscapes.
This is the Walk of the Titano.

The new ring route that completes the 110 km trail network, connecting the 8 itineraries that unwind along all 9 castles of the Republic. A curiosity about the Walk: Mount Titano, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and symbol par excellence of the Republic of San Marino, is visible from most parts of the route.

Discover the 8 itineraries

Itinerary 1
Rupe Path
Length approx. 4Km
Journey time 2 hours

Itinerary 2
Canepa path
Length approx. 4Km
Journey time 2 hours

Itinerary 3
Gypsums of Montegiardino Path
Length approx. 3 Km
Journey time 1/1.30 hours

Itinerary 4
Ausa - Laiala - Railway Path
Length aprox 7.5km
Journey time 2.30 hours

Itinerary 5
Gorgascura path
Length 5Km
Journey time 2/2.30 hours

Itinerary 6
Castellaccio path
Length approx. 3,5Km
Journey time 1.30 hours

Itinerary 7
Montecerreto path
Length approx. 1.5Km
Journey time 30 minutes
Also suitable for those with mobility problems

Itinerary 8
Ca' Rigo path
Length approx. 4.5Km
Journey time 1.30 hours

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