Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent

1 April 2013

The Heads of State are installed in office every six months during the course of a very suggestive ceremony that has been staged for centuries according to a strict protocol:
- 9.45 am - Piazza della Libertą. Assembly of the Military Corps and Flag-Raising Ceremony.
- 10.40 am – Procession of the elected Captains Regent (from the Government Building to the Basilica del Santo) where the religious rite is celebrated.
- 11.30 am – Return of the Procession to the Government Building, where the official address is made and the elected Captains Regent are sworn in and installed in office.
- 12.30 pm – Procession of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent and followers (from the Government Building to Palazzo Valloni)
- 12.45 pm - Piazza della Libertą. Assembly of the Military Corps and Flag-Lowering Ceremony.

San Marino, Historicol Centre

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