Commercial Activities: San Marino's commercial activities divide by and large into two sectors: food and non-food at both wholesale and retail level. In recent years San Marino has seen the development of upscale shopping centres. Easy to reach and with wide parking, these facilities offer a full range of services including restaurants and banks.

The Industrial System: the Republic of San Marino has several small and medium-sized businesses and industries. Key industrial sectors include mechanics, building and construction, ceramics, printing and furnishings.

Craft: The Republic of San Marino boasts a flourishing craft industry. Craftsmen continue to hand down the traditional wisdoms that go into exquisitely made local items. Many shops in the historical centre have a wide display of local handicrafts: hand-painted ceramics, gold and wrought-iron articles, objects crafted in wood or precious stone, exquisite lace and embroidery.

Agriculture: eventhough it does not play a major role in San Marino, farmers produce a wide variety of agricultural products including fruit and vegetables. Organic production is a key focus and great care is taken to eliminate all unnecessary chemical agents.

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