Public holidays

Public Holidays

1 January   New Year's Day

6 January   Epiphany

5 February   Feast of St. Agatha

25 March   Anniversary of the Arengo

1 April   Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent

16 April   Easter

17 April   Easter Monday

1 May   Labour Day

15 June   Corpus Domini

28 July   Anniversary of the Fall of the Fascist Government

15 August   Feast of the Assumption

3 September   Feast of St. Marinus

1 October   Investiture Ceremony of the Captains Regent

1 November   All Saints' Day

2 November   All Souls' Day

8 December   Feast of the Immaculate Conception

25 December   Christmas

26 December   Feast of St. Stephen

31 December   Feast of St. Sylvester




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