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San Marino kept its economic and cultural relations with other countries, first of all Italy, through its postal service, postage stamps and coins. These were also a means to celebrate San Marino's independence and sovereignty, even before it was a memeber of important international organizations such us UPU, UNO and UNESCO. Philatelist's from all over the world deeply appreciate San Marino's issues and that is the best reward and proof for the commitment and passion San Marino has been putting into its coins and postage stamps for more than a century.

San Marino Stamps: San Marino was probably the first country in the world to establish a regular postal service in October 1607. The postal service was open to all customers and every customer had to pay for the service, even the Captain Regents. The first postage stamps of the Republic of San Marino were issued on 1 August 1877 after a new agreement with the Italian governement. Since then San Marino has been promoting its historical personalities, events and institutions, as well as cultural and political topics, such as women's rights, children's rights, ecology, intercultural dialogue and peace in an original and innovative way.




San Marino's numismatic history dates back to 1862, a year in which the country signed a monetary agreement with the Italian Monarchy thus consenting San Marino the right to have its own currency.
The first copper coin was issued in 1864, the first silver coin in 1898 and the first gold coin in 1925. After the Second World War the re-issuing of coins began in 1972. Often the coins, such as the lire, which in 2002 was replaced by the euro, or Scudi gold coins, were designed by great artists.


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