Visit to the "Castelli"

Visit to the "Castelli"

The territory of San Marino is composed by nine old small towns called "Castelli", including the capital San Marino: in each Castello there is something to discover or to visit.

San Marino
It owes its origins to the illustrious legend of the Founding Saint of the San Marino community and of the Republic, when Marino sought refuge on Mount Titano in 301 AD. The small Capital houses a priceless historical and architectural heritage, also reflected in its museums. A magnet for millions of tourists every year, a place open to ongoing discoveries: a variety of shops selling hand-crafted items and souvenirs offer diversified shopping opportunities and fun.

Borgo Maggiore
An old market town since 1244, it is of  particular importance thanks to its churches, monuments and typical tiny streets of the historical centre included on the Unesco World Heritage List. It has car parks and a rapid link by cableway to the historical centre of the Capital.

First mentioned in the well-known diploma of King Ottone, in 962. An outpost of the Malatestas, it was annexed to the Republic in 1463. It became an important town and it has a charming old town consisting of the ancient Castle and some typical tiny streets. The nearby prestigious sports centre is very well equipped.

An ancient dominion of the Malatestas of Rimini, it was one of the last places to be annexed to the  Republic in 1463. The town centre is interesting, with its 19th century Church, and the Casa del Castello. This is a place with splendid views, it includes a fishing lake and provides many opportunities for excursions along the Marano river.

It was a small village as far back as 1300. In 1463 the Montelupo fortress was annexed to its territory, after it was conquered by the San Marino people as a result of the war against the Malatestas of Rimini. There are splendid views for amateur photographers, both toward the sea and Mount Titano.

It owes its origins to the medieval castle and court of Busignano. Here the landscape is particularly beautiful, a natural environment on the first spurs of the Apennine range.

It dates back from medieval times and owes its name to a local spring gushing from the rock. It is now a delightful village swathed in the surrounding greenery. The Monte Cerreto nature park provides ample opportunities for jogging and other sports and recreational activities.

An ancient Malatesta fortress, which was annexed to the Republic in 1463.
An important archaeological area with some outstanding finds. A handy road connection point for various directions to avoid summer traffic: Cattolica, Pesaro, Urbino, San Leo.

It originates from Lombard times or perhaps further back.
It was annexed to the Republic in 1463 and it is the site of a very old pretty Castle with some particularly beautiful architectural features. The Church (1865) is also interesting for its altar frontals dating from 18th century.


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