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Palazzo Pubblico

Immagine: Marcello Montemaggi

Rebuilt in a neo-Gothic style in 1894 according to the project by architect Francesco Azzurri over the remains of the pre-existing “Magna Domus Communis”, it was remodelled in 1996 by architect Gae Aulenti. It is the State’s most representative building since it is the seat of the Captains Regent, the Great and General Council and the Government of the Republic and also hosts the most important civic celebrations.

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Changing of the Guard:

The Guardia di Rocca is on duty at the Public Palace where the “Changing of the Guard” is carried out. The uniform worn by the Guardia di Rocca is very attractive, with dark-green double-breasted jacket with white and red braiding, red trousers with green band, headgear (kepì) with red pon-pon and white gaiters.

The Changing of the Guard is carried during summer

T.  + 378 (0549) 882708

type: Monument/historic site
name: Palazzo Pubblico
address: P.zza della Libertà
T: + 378 (0549) 883152
destination: Città di San Marino
website: ApriOpen



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