Flavours of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino boasts centuries-old and authentic farming and gastronomic traditions, jealously preserved and today promoted through the Consorzio Terra di San Marino . The fields of cereal crops and alfalfa, vineyards, olive groves and natural settings all go to make up the natural landscape surrounding the mighty limestone massif of Mount Titano. The cultivation of the vine and olives in the Republic dates back thousands of years, as does bee-keeping. The country also specialises in raising livestock for milk and meat. The love and attention for the products of our land have made local cuisine a simple art, yet one rich in traditions renewed over the years. Unmistakable flavours, a wholesome cuisine that combines traditions with quality to keep alive the huge rural heritage of our country and cater for even the most discerning gourmets. Among the starters we have: tagliatelle, strozzapreti, ravioli, cappelletti, passatelli. Then come the roast meats, dishes with all the fragrance of milk and cheese, good bread, piadina, extra-virgin olive oil, accompanied by the high-quality wines made by the Consorzio Vini Tipici , like the red wines Brugneto and Tessano aged in large cherrywood barrels or in oak barriques, or still the white wines, Biancale and Roncale. Among the desserts are bustrengo, caciatello, ciambella to be enjoyed with a glass of Moscato or prized Oro dei Goti dessert wine. Not to be missed among the desserts are also the famous and delicious Tre Monti and Titano cakes, handmade in San Marino since 1942.



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