Leisure and Entertainment

The day to be lived, the night to be discovered.  San Marino, a stone's throw from the beach, land of entertainment, offers many occasions for evening entertainment. A romantic walk in the historic centre after a candlelight dinner in an excellent restaurant, a run at Bingo, a prestigious evening at the theatre, savouring a good film, merrymaking in one of the many pubs. Don't miss the fabulous events that take place in the summer amid music, fashion and performances that can satisfy every taste. In this section you can also find useful information for visiting some extremely unique theme museums.

Leisure and entertainment



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  • 22-06-2017
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  • 24/06/2017

    Trenino Trail Run
  • from 07/07/2017 to 08/07/2017

    Celebrations for the 9th UNESCO Anniversary
  • from 28/07/2017 to 30/07/2017

    Medieval Days
  • from 22/07/2017 to 30/07/2017

    The Guita Tower comes back to life
  • from 04/08/2017 to 06/08/2017

  • from 10/08/2017 to 13/08/2017

  • from 25/08/2017 to 27/08/2017

    San Marino Comics