LIVE IN SAN MARINO is an integrated system including a WI-FI network and an APP which allow users to gain fast access to information and services in order to live their experience in the Republic of San Marino at the top.

The WI-FI network is free of charge and covers most of the old town centre thus ensuring access to the Internet all along the way and the best possible experience to surfers.

The APP takes visitors to discover San Marino giving useful information in real time about events, promotions, monuments, weather forecasts, available parking and many other interesting things to make tourists enjoy a wonderful stay in our country.

Go to to download the LIVE IN SAN MARINO APP and to know the areas covered by the WI-FI network.

LIVE IN SAN MARINO project has been developed by Telecom Italia San Marino in collaboration with the Ministries for Telecommunications and Tourism and with the support of the San Marino Association of Tourist Operators.


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  • 27/09/2018

    World Tourism Day