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Giornate Medioevali - 26 luglio

Medieval Days - Saturday 26 July

Medieval Days 2014 - Art Director Philippe Macina - Saturday 26 July

Always in the Cava dei Balestrieri, the most exciting challenge for elimination, between the winners of the Italian Championship that was held this past July 20th in order to win the contend prize, which is a symbol of courage in the smallest Republic of the world: San Marino Chain, designed by the Artistic Director of the Medieval Days Philippe Macina. And again a great show “La difesa della libertą” directed by the Cerna dei Lunghi Archi where crossbow men with luminous drums and dance symbolize the medieval life vers the daily life in order to be free. Also on request the groups that have collaborated in the make of the movie of King Arthur, Dungeons and Dragons and Giovanna d'Arco, directly from the Republic of Czech a great return to San Marino the Burdyri with the group of Inspyro which will battle till the end and the sword is more powerful than the fire. And between the imaginary and the terrifying reality at the same time, the magnificent Birds which their wings open to four meters and absurd heights at sunset in Piazza della Libertą will battle one against the other. And again for the joy of the kids the Lord of the Rings comes to life and San Marino turns into the Middle-Earth thanks to members that compose the group of the Ring, Hobbit, Elves, Knights and Dwarfs ready to battle against the Orcs of the terrible Saruman. To add a touch of thrill the new Tunnel of Terror, a frightening and fascinating maze.


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