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Giornate Medioevali - programma del 27 luglio

Medieval Days - Sunday 27 July

Medieval Days 2014 - Art Director Philippe Macina - Sunday 27 July

When the sun starts to go down, to open the dances in the magnificent setting of Piazza della Libertą in the Republic of San Marino, is the Contrada della Corte di Quattro Castella with a spectacular Show Arcana Mundi, where is narrated the story of the legendary Battle of the fog in 1092 between the Knights of Henry V and Matilde of Canossa; here the dead come to life with the horsemen of the apocalypse, the dark souls and soldiers who, on trampolines, throw flags in the dark sky in a unique show in Europe with fireworks at the end. And more Attitude San Marino Dance Centre, in the beautiful Cava dei Balestrieri, with the choreography of the artistic director Daniela Semprini and Davide Vagnetti, professional dancer who danced in various internationally renowned companies, will carry you through the explosive music within the MedioEvo (middle ages) with the dance show "Libertą (Freedom)". And always in the Cava dei Balestrieri in commemoration of the black death of 1347 where everything was burned in order to not spread the illness, burning flags thrown in the darkness come alive with the acrobatic evolutions Ignis Pestis. And like every day San Marino turns to Middle-Earth with the Lord of the Rings for the joy of children thanks to members that compose the group of the Ring, Hobbit, Elves, Knights and Dwarfs ready to battle against the Orcs of the terrible Saruman. And yet the terrifying Tunnel of Terror, I lebbrosi, battles and medieval camps, markets, music groups, jugglers, fortune tellers and games all found exclusively at the 2014 Medieval Days of San Marino.


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