TuttoSanMarino Card


TuttoSanMarino Card is the touristic card which provides you with the possibility to visit the Republic of San Marino with special benefits.

You can ask for your free of charge  TuttoSanMarino Card   at your hotel and you will be granted the following savings:

•purchase of the discounted € 7,50 multi-museum ticket (€ 6,00 + € 1,50 deposit which will be refunded after returning the ticket to the box office) instead of € 10,50 to visit the five State Museums that is First Tower, Second Tower, Public Palace, St. Francis Museum and the State Museum (during official ceremonies or Parliament meetings, Public Palace may be closed to visitors);

• 50% discount on the full fare ticket in the private museums (Waxworks Museum, Museum of Curiosity, Torture Museum, Exhibition of Vampires and Werewolves)

• purchase of the discounted return ticket (€ 3,50 instead of € 4,50) and single ticket (€ 2,00 instead of € 2,80) for the Cableway

• 50% discount on the daily fare at the multi-storey car park P9

• special rates guided tours with official tourist guides of San Marino starting from € 65,00

• € 5,00 discount on the Extreme Tour, € 2,00 discount on the Adrenaline Tour or Adventure Tour, € 10,00 discount on Softair Deluxe Game at San Marino Adventures Theme Park

• 10% discount at Ristorante Lounge Bar located inside Giochi del Titano open for dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

• 10% discount on purchases in the shops on the list here enclosed

• 10% discount on ą la carte menu in the restaurants and bars on the list here enclosed

Moreover all guests who will have their car in public parking areas, can collect in their hotel a ticket granting 50% discount on the daily fare (€ 4,00 instead of € 8,00).

We remind you that TuttoSanMarino Card ’s discounts are not cumulative with other promotions or other cards.

Info: T + 378 (0549) 882914


Download the attached documents:

  TuttoSanMarino Card 2017 Shops & Restaurants 




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