SMaC and Win

Lucky shopping from 19 December 2020 to 6 January 2021

The Christmas of Wonders this year offers a unique opportunity to all those who will use the SMaC card with their purchases.

Participating in SMaC and Win with the Christmas of Wonders is easy: from 19 December 2020 to 6 January 2021, use your SMaC card when purchasing goods or services from a SMaC affiliated shop and you will participate in the draw for 100 cash prizes.

Prizes up
1st prize: € 1,000.00
2nd and 3rd prize: € 500.00
From 4th to 7th prize: € 200.00
from the 8th to the 15th prize: € 100.00
from 16th to 31st prize: € 50.00
from 32nd to 63rd prize: € 20.00
from 64th to 100th prize: € 10.00

Requirements to participate in the competition
- be holders of a SMaC Card
- be 18 years old

How to participate
- associate the purchase of an amount greater than € 1.00 with SMaC Physical POS to your Card
- for each purchase transaction, based on the amount and method of use of the card, virtual tickets will be assigned for participating in the prize competition, with a maximum number of 5,000 tickets per operation
- 20% revaluation for purchases with SMaC card
- 20% revaluation for purchases an SMaC Discount shops
- Double revaluation for payment with SMaC Card at SMaC Discount shops
- it is not necessary to keep the receipt of the transaction once the correct execution by the shop with the indication of your card has been verified

The prize draw will take place on 7 January 2021; by 8 January 2021, the prizes will be credited to the SMaC cards of the winners who will be notified via SMS to the mobile phone number registered on the card.

Winners' list

T 0549 882914

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