A variety of opportunities for every type of purchase

Shopping centres and small shops: you’re spoilt for choice

With its large shopping centres, markets, small shops and stores of all kinds, San Marino is a must-go-to destination for shopping lovers.

Shopping in San Marino always provides an opportunity to uncover truly unique products, find something memorable or hunt down special offers and rarities.

The historic centre, with hundreds of shops in each district, is the right place to go for shops that abound in local products made according to the age-old traditions of San Marino. There you will find hand-painted ceramics, unparalleled art objects made of iron, wood and precious materials, fine lace and embroidery.  

In 1995, the Republic of San Marino established the Mark of Origin to protect, enhance and promote artistic and traditional production.

The production of stamps and coins of the Republic needs no introduction and is known throughout the world. San Marino is the only country in the euro area that issues gold coins that are legal tender on its territory, the famous Scudi. For collectors and anyone else who wants to get their hands on a completely original work, the State Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Republic of San Marino is the right place to find information and news.

Outside the historic centre, around the highway, shopping in San Marino becomes a succession of commercial activities: shopping arcades, shopping centres and an outlet.

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Centro Atlante
shopping centre

Centro Atlante

Via Tre Settembre, 17 - 47891 Dogana, San Marino