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San Marino is Pet Friendly!

Four-legged friends are welcome

Useful information

When planning a trip on which you intend to bring along your pet, it is a good idea to organise yourself in time, at least 4 - 5 months in advance, so that you can meet your obligations under the health regulations and proceed with vaccinations, where necessary.

In the Republic of San Marino the same provisions of the Member States of the European Community apply.

For dogs, cats and ferrets from a country of the European Union you need:
1. Animal microchip identification.
2. Passport issued by the competent authority.
3. Valid rabies vaccination (shown on passport).
4. The date of implanting the microchip must not be earlier than the date of the first rabies vaccination.

For dogs, cats and ferrets from Italy, (art. 16 of EU Reg. 576/2013) non-commercial movements can continue under the conditions established in Italy in derogation of art. 10 and 14. You therefore require:
1. Animal microchipped and registered.
2. No rabies vaccination and passport are required.
For further information
UOS Sanità Veterinaria e Igiene Alimentare
T +378 994431

A.P.A.S. - Associazione Sammarinese Protezione Animali
T +378 996326

Tourist Information Office
T +378 882914