03 June 2021

Corpus Domini Religious Holiday

A suggestive ceremony according to an ancient protocol

The Republic of San Marino celebrates the civil and religious festival with a suggestive ceremony that takes place in the old town according to a protocol that has remained almost unchanged over the centuries.

Ceremony programme (description taken from the book by Mons Eligio Gosti, Il Santo)

Deployment of an inter-force formation of the military corps and the military band in reduced formation, in Piazza della Libertà. Flag Raising Ceremony.

A procession is formed that accompanies the Captains Regent from the Public Palace to the Basilica of the Saint. The procession is opened by two agents of the Local Police Force (Polizia Civile), two uniformed Gendarme Officers (Gendarmi), two officers of the Guardia del Consiglio Grande e Generale (Guard of the Great and General Council) who are next to the Regency. Two Guards from Nucleo Uniformato delle Guardie di Rocca (Fortress Guards) close the procession. At the entrance of the Basilica of the Saint, the Chaplain of the Saint awaits the Captains Regent. The Members of the Congress enter the Basilica, together with the Ambassador of Italy, the Sindaci di Governo, the Officers (Superior Commander of the Militias and Commander of the Corps), the Captain of the Castle and the Butler.

The celebration of the solemn Mass begins

At the end of the liturgical celebration, the Captains Regent and the sequel leave the Basilica of the Saint and return to the Public Palace.

11.00 (approx.)
The Procession (composed only of the Bishop and some Ministers and escorted by two Fortress Guards – Guardie di Rocca) arrives at Piazza della Libertà by taking the shortest path.
The Regency overlooks the central balcony of the Public Palace to attend the Blessing.

Flag Lowering Ceremony

03 June 2021

San Marino Old Town
Piazza della Libertà
Basilica del Santo (Basilica of the Saint)

Price: free event
Republic of San Marino
The organizer informs that the event has the possibility of access for disabled.
Non disponibile


Piazza della Libertà
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino

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