Emigrant Museum

To keep alive the memory of the people who had to emigrate

Where is the Emigrant Museum?

The Emigrant Museum is housed in rooms of the ancient Monastery of St. Clare and aims, through documents, objects and photographs, to tell the story of a historical period that very much affected the people of San Marino.

The most profound significance

Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, San Marino saw a period of massive emigration. Fleeing from hunger and extreme poverty or just simply to seek their fortune, thousands of people left the various municipalities of San Marino and embarked on the harsh and bitter experience of emigrating to other lands.
A diaspora that, interspersed with brief returns home, lasted until the middle of the twentieth century and led more than 13,000 people from San Marino to live, even today, far from Mount Titano.

The Emigrant Museum aims to keep alive the memory of those who played a part in this experience and recount, through pictures, documents and objects, the epic story of this great people who, with nothing more than their values, historical memory and everyday experience, left for far-off lands, exporting their youth, labour, skills and customs.

The Museum was set up not only for the heirs of this great experience to keep its memory alive, but also so that all San Marino citizens may be reminded of their history and collectively identify this important period in the history of the Republic as part of their heritage.

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