The Third Tower “Montale”

The smallest Tower but with the most important strategic role

The Third of the three Towers

San Marino has three Towers: the Guaita, the Cesta and the Montale.
The Third Tower is connected to the other two by a long wall and, in medieval times, it played a strategic role in the defence of the city. It is, in fact, located in the best lookout position because of its location some distance away from the old city centre immersed in the wood that surrounds it.

Inside and out

This tower, like the other two, is a pentagonal fort restored several times over the centuries until 1935, the year of the last restoration.
Once you have gone through the entrance gate, which is the only way in and out of the Tower, there is an 8-metre-deep prison called "the bottom of the Tower" where the prisoners were kept.
The Montale Tower is probably one of the least known in the city of San Marino because of its isolated position but, despite this, it remains an essential part of our understanding of the history and evolution of the Republic.

Salita al Montale – 47890 San Marino Città, San Marino
it can be visited only externally