15 Feb 2021

A new historical re-enactment event

The public notice to find the organizing company has been issued

The Ministry for Tourism and the San Marino Tourism Board are working to a great event. The public notice to find the organizing company has been issued.

An historical re-enactment event will be back in San Marino. The historical centre will relive the atmospheres that in the past have always attracted many visitors.

Resolution no.85 of the State Congress of 29 December entrusted the Tourism Board with the task of issuing a public notice for the identification of a company which will be in charge of the design, coordination, organization and production service of the historical re-enactment event. The dates of the event will be 23, 24 and 25 July.

The amount will be equal to 180,000 euros and the creative concept must be consistent with the current tourism promotion campaign and evocative of the historical identity of San Marino. The public notice includes the involvement, by the organizer, of the professionals in the tourism sector as well as engagement activities and the creation of the communication and promotion campaign for the event.

Like successful historical re-enactments, staging areas for the different areas of the historical centre, attractions, shows (permanent and itinerant), themed markets, parades must be organized. The organizer must take into account the health emergency and the legislation that will be in force at the time of the event.

The request of those who want to participate in the call must meet the requirements of seriousness and reliability, provide a descriptive report of the project with attention to the artistic idea and, of course, a forecast budget. The methods of participation, requests and the illustration of the evaluation and award criteria are available in the public notice that can be downloaded from the website www.gov.sm.

The deadline for submitting the Application for Participation and the necessary documentation is set for 11 March 2021.