28 Apr 2021

San Marino towards Expo 2020 Dubai

The San Marino Pavilion, the logo and the contents have been presented today

San Marino's journey towards Expo 2020 Dubai is going on and today the San Marino Pavilion and its exhibition theme, logo and visitor’s experience, have been unveiled during a press conference. Only 5 months left until the opening of the Expo scheduled for 1 October 2021 and which for the first time will be held in the Middle East and during the winter period.

“Connecting minds, creating the future”: the leading theme is a real mission, with which the Universal Exhibition intends to recall the spirit of collaboration in the name of development and innovation.
Opportunity is one of the sub-themes and it is also the district where the San Marino Pavilion is located - a few metres away from the hub of Expo represented by the Al Wasl dome and from the United Arab Emirates Pavilion.

"An opportunity not to be missed for our country that will be present in Dubai together with other 190, to introduce itself to the world and to communicate San Marino: its history, the country system and to promote the internationalization of our companies and attract investments and new tourist flows from new and never previously experienced markets”. At the opening of the press conference to present the San Marino Pavilion and the San Marino presence at the Exposition the Minister for Expo Federico Pedini Amati declared. "A participation that is becoming more and more concrete, and which wants to seize the opportunity to promote the "country system" offered by an economically attractive area - that of the Gulf -, a reference point for business and international investors. The Exhibition will be a unique opportunity to present investment opportunities, the possibilities and advantages that San Marino offers ". Minister Pedini recalled the recent meeting in Dubai with the Minister for International Cooperation SE Reem Al Hashimy and he announced the forthcoming participation of the San Marino Tourism Board at ATM fair in Dubai, the most important of the Arab market

The Commissioner General of the Government, Mauro Maiani began talking about the technical details of the participation describing the main steps of approach to Expo in a path started in 2013. He then illustrated the work carried out by the Commissioner General and the three-person staff and the collaboration with the Agency for Economic Development which, pursuant to the decree, collaborates with the Commissariat having the competence of administrative, logistic and human resources management.
He then recalled the planned first shipment of materials to Dubai in a 40 "container which would leave at the end of May with all the necessary material for setting up the Pavilion and part of the handicraft and merchandising items to be put on sale in the same pavilion.

The selection for the persons of the Pavilion is currently underway and will be completed by the end of May as well as the volunteer programme whose deadline is set for 7 May.

The San Marino Pavilion has an exhibition area of approximately 240 square metres on the ground floor and approximately 100 square meters on the first floor where the offices and a meeting room are located. The Commissioner is also creating a VIP Lounge to welcome guests, sponsors and institutional and commercial delegations, and the press

The Pavilion’s project started from the first concept design created by the students of the University of San Marino, it was then developped by the Expo and subsequently by Arch Ammirati, partner of the work team led by AC&D Solutions which is implementing the Pavillon’s communication.
The development of the pavilion provides for the setting up in 4 distinct areas or rooms:
In the first entrance room dedicated to history, the archaeological reproduction of the treasure of Domagnano, currently on display at the State Museum, will be exhibited in a specially created case.
The central room is dedicated to tourism and will host the second exhibition object, a typical San Marino crossbow in collaboration with the Federation of San Marino Crossbowmen; the crossbow symbolizes San Marino defense and freedom.
The third room is dedicated to the "country system" and the most important "highlights" of the San Marino economy. At the centre there will be an interactive multimedia table with 8 tablets, 2 of which are for people with disabilities.
The idea of the interactive table was reworked by the Organizer and was included in the "concept design" of the Creative Youth Programme.
The fourth room is dedicated to Commercial opportunities with a shop space of about 50 square meters. The Head of External Relations and Sales, Arianna Serra, explains that the companies that have adhered to the selection of San Marino products to be put on sale in the Pavilion, launched in October 2020, are 22 divided into different product categories: crafts, agri-food and typical products, philately and numismatics, jewellery and bijoux, beauty and wellness, publishing and merchandising of various kinds. At the moment, the total of single items that will be brought to Expo, after a long and complex acceptance and validation procedure carried out by the Emirate Organization, are over 250 and by the end of May the first of the three currently planned containers of goods and furnishings will be sent

In the exit area, the 9 flags with the coats of arms of the nine municipilaties (castelli) of San Marino will greet the visitor.

The exhibition theme, the Pavilion logo and the claim have been described by the communication agency Gruppo Roncaglia, partner of AC&D Solutions, winner of the announcement for the pavilion communication plan.

The logo: The treasures of San Marino

The pavilion logo is characterized by the stylized and reinterpreted representation of the Domagnano Treasure fibula kept at the Louvre in Abu Dhabi.

This is the connecting element between the two countries.

To make it highly recognizable, it was represented only in the upper half, thus ensuring greater visibility of the well-known eagle's head.

The central rosette has been kept in its entirety, to ensure the harmony of the circular shape, which is also highly recognizable.

The gold color was chosen for the main applications, accompanied by inserts in garnet and green colors that recall the colors of the stones that adorn the original fibula.

The pavilion

The pavilion of the Republic of San Marino was conceived in an experiential key, with elements of interaction between visitors, their own devices and the pavilion itself.

It will tell a story, about the treasures of San Marino, which will be the common thread through which visitors can discover the history of the Republic, the places that can be visited even outside, considering the short distances that separate it from the surrounding attractions, and finally, the quality of life that can be found in San Marino, also thanks to the investment opportunities that can be made in the logic of sustainable development.

For this reason, the pavilion was conceived as a narrative path; the environments and its enriching elements will immerse visitors inside the story, thanks to the interaction between the screens in which the narrator will involve them, and the smartphones or tablets through which it will be possible to deepen the various topics of interest as they wish.

The ornamental elements recall the Arabic style, in homage to the Fibula of the Domagnano Treasure kept by the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, which represents the connection between the two countries.

The pavilion tells the story relating to the mystery of the Lady who wore the Treasure, a narrative plot that allows us to move between the past and the present, allowing us to tell San Marino in a contemporary key.

Therefore an immersive and not just exhibiting pavilion, enriched by elements of technology and interactivity, designed to involve visitors and, at the same time, to guarantee the possibility of being able to continue the in-depth analysis even later.

A real phygital experience, able to express the disruptive thought of the smallest and oldest republic in the world.

Digital Experience: mobile pavilion app

The visit to the Pavilion will be accompanied and enriched by extra digital contents to be used together with the physical contents.

App as a Second Screen
Augmented reality techniques and indoor positioning will expand the contents on display.

App as a 3D Virtual Tour
The visitor explores and interacts with the entire environment of the pavilion and its staff. Using the App, the view of the Pavilion will be an interactive and engaging experience even for those who cannot be physically present.

App as a Game
In the virtual search for Domagnano's treasure, "capturing" each element, winning the skill challenge and the prize at stake: a stay in the Republic of San Marino.

App as an Information Area
To be always informed about the life of the Pavilion, news and events, contacts, staff.

San Marino, 28 April 2021