17 Feb 2021

San Marino Holiday-Voucher

Three nights for the price of one

Three nights for the price of one for tourists who will choose to stay in San Marino for their holidays. The promotional campaign will start on 15 March but accommodation facilities can already join the initiative of the Ministry for Tourism.

SAN MARINO - In response to the negative effects on the tourism sector resulting from the necessary measures to contain the infection from Covid-19 which have determined restrictive measures to the movement of people, the Ministry for Tourism and the Tourism Board, taking into consideration the urgent need to support the sector involved and in order to limit the negative effects and promote the restart, have conceived an initiative to attract tourist flows to the Republic of San Marino.

Law Decree 12/2020 provides for "Incentive measures for tourist flows and support for accommodation facilities" and the creation of the "San Marino Holiday-Vouchers". The aim is to propose an offer for three-night stays in the San Marino accommodation facilities in which only the cost of the first night is charged to the customer, while the second and third nights will be offered respectively by the Tourism Board and by the accommodation itself.

In order to support the project, 140,000 euros were allocated to cover incentives and an additional budget for the communication campaign and for a digital media plan.

The Tourism Board has already sent a notice to the accommodation facilities containing the operational information for the management of the "San Marino Holiday-Vouchers" and the forms for requesting participation in the promotion. The hope is that there will be a large participation from San Marino operators, a necessary condition for the success of the initiative which will be active from next 15 March 15.

San Marino, 17 February 2021/1720 d.F.R.