02 Mar 2021

Useful information about COVID-19

Decree-Law no 46 of 27 February 2021

Decree-Law no. 46 of 27 February 2021 extends most of the measures to combat the spread of Covid 19 in the Republic of San Marino stated in Decree Law no. 4 until 23:59 of 22 March 2021. The night-time curfew remains in force from 22.00 to 5.00, bars and restaurants are open until 18.00, (take-away and delivery service until 22.00), shops can stay open until 20.00. Strengthening measures are introduced, including the obligation to wear a mask both outdoors and indoors and provisions for entry to San Marino

People coming from countries other than Italy and the Vatican City, or who have stayed outside these two countries in the previous 14 days, are allowed to enter San Marino upon presentation of specific documents:
a) a Covid-19 vaccination certificate;
b) a negative Covid-19 test result (PCR molecular test taken not later than 48 hours before entry), in compliance with the health protocols in force in the Republic of San Marino.


Can I come to San Marino?
Without prejudice to the provisions of article 6 of Decree-Law 26 February 2021 n.26, the movements to and from the Republic of San Marino in the regions, provinces and municipalities, in which there are restrictive measures to contain a high epidemiological risk (so-called red and orange areas), are forbidden except for proven work needs, health reasons or situations of necessity through self-certification.
Mobility from and to the Republic of San Marino is allowed in the neighboring regions, provinces and municipalities in which there are restrictive measures to contain the epidemiological risk, so-called yellow zones.
From 22 to 5 the following morning the so-called "curfew" remains in force, therefore at these times all movements, including internal ones, are allowed only and exclusively if motivated by proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons through self-certification.

Is self-certification required to come to San Marino?
Movements to and from San Marino are allowed (with self-certification) for proven work needs, health reasons or situations of need. Situations of need include cross-border travel:
• To reach underage children at the other parent’s;
• Aimed at carrying out authorized competitive sports activities;
• To visit second homes owned;
• To reunite with the spouse/partner;
• To purchase products of basic necessities and/or products that are not available in one’s own place of residence.

What are the sanitation measures in San Marino following to Covid 19 emergency?
During your stay in San Marino, the following sanitation measures valid for anyone must be respected:
•    measure your body temperature daily and if it is above 37,5 ° C call your doctor before leaving home;
•    wash your hands often. All public, private, workplaces and meeting places have the obligation to make available to operators and users hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand washing;
•    avoid prolonged close contact, maintanance of personal distance of at least 1 meter is to be privileged;
•    respect respiratory hygiene (sneeze or cough in a handkerchief or inside the crease of the elbow avoiding contact of the hands with the respiratory secretions);
•    avoid promiscuous use of bottles, glasses, cutlery and similars, even during sports;
•    do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands;
•    clean surfaces frequently and deeply, as well as common areas and tools, with disinfectants based on hypochlorite or alcohol as provided in Annex 2 of Decree-Law no 108;
•    it is mandatory to wear a mask correctly, both outdoors and indoors, except in cases where you are alone or together with your cohabitant nucleus. Children under the age of six, people with disabilities not compatible with the continuous use of the mask and those who interact with the aforementioned are not subject to the obligation. The use of plexiglass sneeze guard visors or fabric masks is not allowed (Article 2 paragraph 1 of Decree Law 27 February 2021 n. 46);
•   sanitize your hands every time you come into contact with objects that other people could also handle or have handled.

Can I stay in an accommodation facility in San Marino?
Accommodation facilities in San Marino are open and observing all security measures and adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation. Book here

Are restaurants and bars open?
Premises open to the public where food and drinks are served must close by 18.00 and reopen to the public no earlier than 05.00.
Home deliveries are always allowed. Take-away service is allowed until 22.00.
In accommodation facilities, the administration of food and drinks in the restaurant rooms is allowed only for clients staying overnight and only until 22.00. After this time, administration to clients can only take place by room service.

In premises open to the public where food and drinks are served, only customers who are seated at the table inside or outside the premises up to a maximum of four people can be served. It is mandatory to wear a mask when entering, exiting and during any internal movement. It is strongly recommended to limit the stay at the table to the time strictly necessary for consumption.

Are museums, cinemas and theaters open?
Public museums, cinemas, social centers, reading rooms and theaters are closed to the public.

Are churches open?
Religious ceremonies and funerals are allowed in compliance with the safety measures established with a specific resolution of the State Congress in agreement with the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro. The burial service is guaranteed in compliance with the regulations of interpersonal distancing and use of protective equipment, as well as the provisions indicated at the entrances to cemeteries.

Are shops open?
Shops are open in compliance with all safety measures and by adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation. Shops must close to the public by 20.00.

Is the cable car service active?
The cable car service is closed for routine maintenance until 21 March 2021

Can you reach San Marino by bus?
The Rimini - San Marino service is active with a reduced number of trips. Click here for provisional timetables valid from 14/09/2020.

How do you travel by car?
Inside the car it is forbidden to sit next to the driver, unless both travelers wear a surgical mask or are part of the same group of cohabitants. In order to respect safety distances, in the back seats 2 passengers that do not belong to the same group of cohabitants can be carried, spaced as far as possible and only if equipped with suitable individual safety devices. In the absence of devices, only 1 passenger can be carried in the back seat opposite to the driver. In cars approved for the transport of six or more passengers, only if they do not belong to the same group of cohabitants, not more than two passengers for each row of seats are allowed, subject to the use of masks.

Is it possible to organize conferences or congresses?
Conferences, congresses, meetings, conventions or similar are forbidden.

Is it possible to organize parties?
Lunches, dinners and in any case any other similar situation that involves removing the mask within private homes, between people not belonging to the same cohabitant nucleus, are forbidden, except for family support or reunification with one’s spouse/partner. The police are authorized to verify, even upon notification, compliance with this containment measure.

Is it possible to practice sports?
Motor and sports activities are not allowed for children under 14 in public and private sports facilities.


Information for tourists and frontier workers
Interforce Operations Centre
T +378 (0549) 888888

Health information
T +378 (0549) 994001 (open everyday from 8.00 to 18.00)

Information for assistance to San Marino citizens in the phases of return from risk areas and departure towards risk areas
Department of Foreign Affairs
T +378 (0549) 882337