27 Jul 2020

Useful information about COVID-19

Decree-Law 3 May 2020 n.68

As indicated by the Minister of Tourism, please find below DECREE-LAW no. 96 of 31 May 2020 concerning Further Provisions for a gradual easing of the restrictive measures resulting from the health emergency from COVID-19 in force from 12.01pm on Monday 1 June 2020 until the end of the health emergency, unless otherwise specified in the individual articles.

Download the full text of the Decree-Law no.96 of 31 May 2020


Can I come to San Marino?
For those who come from Emilia-Romagna and Marche
It is possible to come to San Marino as long as in compliance with national, regional or provincial provisions applicable in Italy (single art. Decree-Law n.79).
For those who come to San Marino from non-neighboring regions for professional and/or work reasons and who stay in the territory, they will have to undergo serological tests. (art.10 Decree-Law n.78)

What are the sanitation measures in San Marino following to Covid 19 emergency?
(Attachment 1 Decree-Law n.68)
During your stay in San Marino, the following sanitation measures valid for anyone must be respected:

•    measure your body temperature daily and do not leave home if it is above 37 ° C;
•    wash your hands often. All public, private, workplaces and meeting places have the obligation to make available to operators and users hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand washing;
•    avoid close contact, handshakes and direct physical contacts with every person;
•    respect respiratory hygiene (sneeze or cough in a handkerchief or inside the crease of the elbow avoiding contact of the hands with the respiratory secretions);
•    maintain an interpersonal distance of at least one meter in every social contact. This distance must be extended to at least 1.5 meters in case of prolonged social contacts beyond 30 minutes. This distance must be extended to at least 4 meters for outdoor physical and sports activities;
•    promiscuous use of bottles, glasses, cutlery and similars is prohibited, even during sports;
•    do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands;
•    do not take antiviral drugs and antibiotics, unless they are prescribed by your doctor;
•    frequently clean surfaces with disinfectants based on hypochlorite or alcohol as provided in Annex 6 (General measures for environments for the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the transmission of the infection (COVID 19) of Decree-Law n.78);
•    use a mask every time you come into contact with other people;
•    use disposable gloves when you come into contact with objects that other people could also handle, or sanitize your hands each time you come in contact with them.

How can you travel on private vehicles in San Marino?
Inside private means of transport, passengers are not allowed to occupy the seat next to the driver, unless both travelers wear a surgical mask or belong to the same group of cohabitants. In order to respect safety distances, two passengers can be carried in the back seats in ordinary cars, as distant as possible, if they are equipped with suitable individual safety devices. In the absence of devices, only one passenger may be transported in the back seat opposite the driver.
In cars approved for the transport of six or more passengers,  only two passengers for each row of seats are allowed with the use of masks.
On mopeds and motorcycles, if approved for the transport of two individuals, only if more than one person is traveling, both individuals must wear a mask, only if they do not belong to the same group of cohabitants. (art.6 Decree-Law n.78)

Can I stay in an accommodation facility in San Marino?
Starting from 18 May, accommodation facilities in San Marino can reopen when observing all security measures and adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation.

Are restaurants and bars open?
Starting from 18 May bars and restaurants in San Marino can reopen when observing all security measures and adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation.

Are museums open?
Museums are closed until 31 May 2020.

Are churches open?
Religious ceremonies are allowed in compliance with indicated security measures. (art.1n Decree-Law n.68)

Is the cable car service active?
The cable car service will be active from 1st June 2020

Are shops open?
Shops are open in compliance with all safety measures and by adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation.

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Hostaria da Lino
Hostel San Marino
Hotel Cesare
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Hotel Palace San Marino
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Information for tourists and frontier workers
Interforce Operations Centre 0549 888888
Health information
ISS 0549 994001 (open everyday from 8am to 6pm)
Information for assistance to San Marino citizens in the phases of return from risk areas and departure towards risk areas
Department of Foreign Affairs 0549 882337