27 Nov 2020

Useful information about COVID-19

Decree-Law no 206 of 26 November 2020

Decree Law no 206 of 26 November 2020 has updated the preventive provisions to contrast the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic in the Republic of San Marino.


Can I come to San Marino?
It is possible to come to San Marino when compliant with the provisions applicable in Italy (Single Art. Decree Law No. 79) and respecting the sanitation measures in force.

What are the sanitation measures in San Marino following to Covid 19 emergency?
During your stay in San Marino, the following sanitation measures valid for anyone must be respected:

•    measure your body temperature daily and if it is above 37,5 ° C call your doctor before leaving home;
•    wash your hands often. All public, private, workplaces and meeting places have the obligation to make available to operators and users hydro-alcoholic solutions for hand washing;
•    avoid prolonged close contact, maintanance of personal distance of at least 1 meter is to be privileged;
•    respect respiratory hygiene (sneeze or cough in a handkerchief or inside the crease of the elbow avoiding contact of the hands with the respiratory secretions);
•    avoid promiscuous use of bottles, glasses, cutlery and similars, even during sports;
•    do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with your hands;
•    clean surfaces frequently and deeply, as well as common areas and tools, with disinfectants based on hypochlorite or alcohol as provided in Annex 2 of Decree-Law no 108;

•  It is mandatory to always have respiratory protective devices with you and to wear them correctly on public transport, in closed places open to the public or, both in outdoor and indoor places, where it is not possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of a safety distance of 1 meter and in any case clearly indicated. Children under the age of six are not subject to the obligation, as well as persons with forms of disability not compatible with the continuous use of the mask and persons who interact with the aforementioned. Plexiglass breathe shield visors are not considered respiratory protection devices. The use of respiratory protection devices in private homes in the presence of non-cohabiting people is mandatory.

•   sanitize your hands every time you come into contact with objects that other people could also handle or have handled.

Can I stay in an accommodation facility in San Marino?
Accommodation facilities in San Marino are open and observing all security measures and adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation. Book here

Are restaurants and bars open?
Restaurants and bars in San Marino are open observing all safety measures and adopting all the principals indicated by San Marino legislation. All premises will close at 24.00 and will be able to reopen to the public no earlier than 4.30. Each bar/restaurant must display a sign at the entrance showing the maximum number of people admitted at the same time. Customers can only be served at the table inside or outside the bar/restaurant with a maximum number of 4 people for each table. This last maximum number can be waived in case of cohabitants of the same group. It is strongly recommended to limit the stay to the time strictly necessary for consumption. It is forbidden to drink standing, both inside and outside the bar/restaurant, except for those at the counter when it is possible to ensure the distance between clients. Buffets are forbidden except for those served, where protective screens or adequate spacing measures are present. The use of newspapers and magazines, card games and any other board game are forbidden.

Are museums open?
Museums are open to the public observing all safety measures and adopting all the principals indicated by San Marino legislation. Admissions are limited and the use of a mask is mandatory.

Are churches open?
Religious ceremonies are allowed in compliance with the safety measures indicated by San Marino legislation.

Are shops open?
Shops are open in compliance with all safety measures and by adopting all safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation.

Are cinemas and theaters open?
Shows open to the public in theatre halls, concert halls and other spaces, even outdoors, are forbidden except for occasional street art activities as long as they do not create gatherings and film projections by the Cultural Institutes in compliance with sanitary measures.

Are gyms, wellness centers and spas open?
The activities of gyms, wellness centers and spas are allowed in compliance with current regulations. The offices in charge will assiduously verify compliance with interpersonal distancing measures. Entry into the changing rooms is limited. In any case, the use of showers is forbidden.

Are sports facilities accessible?
Physical and sporting activity is allowed in public places and in public or private sports facilities. These activities are allowed only provided that it is possible to allow compliance with the sanitary measures in force. The obligation of interpersonal distancing during physical and sporting activity does not apply between cohabitants of the same group. Sports facilities managed by the San Marino National Olympic Committee (CONS) are accessible only to residents, holders of residence permits or subscribers to San Marino sports federations that are already registered. All collective or individual amateur and competitive contact sports are suspended; for these activities it is however possible to carry out individual training, that guarantee compliance with the sanitary measures in force.

Is the cable car service active?
The cable car service is active in compliance with all safety measures and adopting all the safeguards indicated by San Marino legislation.

Can you reach San Marino by bus?
The Rimini-San Marino bus line is active; passengers must respect interpersonal distancing, wear a mask and sanitize their hands. Transport service provided on the basis of international agreements will be carried out in compliance with the health regulations of the State with the greatest distance traveled.
Winter timetable from 14 September 2020

How do you travel by car?
Inside the car it is forbidden to sit next to the driver, unless both travelers wear a surgical mask or are part of the same group of cohabitants. In order to respect safety distances, in the back seats 2 passengers that do not belong to the same group of cohabitants can be carried, spaced as far as possible and only if equipped with suitable individual safety devices. In the absence of devices, only 1 passenger can be carried in the back seat opposite to the driver. In cars approved for the transport of six or more passengers, only if they do not belong to the same group of cohabitants, not more than two passengers for each row of seats are allowed, subject to the use of masks.

Is it possible to organize conferences or congresses?
Conferences, congresses or similar are suspended.

Is it possible to organize parties?
Parties are forbidden both in public and in private places, both outdoors and indoors. Except for family support needs, in private homes it is strongly recommended to avoid lunches, dinners, aperitifs and any other situation that involves the convivial aggregation of more than 4 people not belonging to the same cohabitant group.

Is it possible to organize sporting events and competitions?
All sporting events and competitions are suspended.

Information for tourists and frontier workers
Interforce Operations Centre 0549 888888
Health information
ISS 0549 994001 (open everyday from 8am to 6pm)
Information for assistance to San Marino citizens in the phases of return from risk areas and departure towards risk areas
Department of Foreign Affairs 0549 882337