Time off in San Marino
Time off in San Marino
You are our guest two nights out of three!

Time off in San Marino: you're our guest two nights out of three!

Buy your holiday voucher now by 31 July 2021 and start living your experience. 

The oldest Republic in the world awaits you for a unique, unforgettable and safe holiday.
With our Holiday Voucher, you can stay for 3 nights at the price of 1: you will be our guests for the other two nights! Come and discover the magic of the streets of the Old Town, the towers that stand out on Mount Titano UNESCO World Heritage Site and all the gastronomic, cultural and adventure experiences that only San Marino can offer you.



1. Choose the hotel you will be staying, the number of rooms and the dates of your stay. 

2. Your voucher is already entered in the system: the price for the second and third night will not be added to the quote. 
Buy your stay directly online. 

3. You will be able to redeem your voucher by 31 March 2022.

- The Holiday Voucher can be purchased ONLY on this platform and on the online bookings of participating accommodation.

- It is not possible to combine multiple Vouchers for a stay longer than three nights.

- The Holiday Voucher cannot be used for Vaccination Tourism.

- The Holiday Voucher CANNOT be purchased by: employees or administrators of accommodation facilities, tour operators and travel agencies based in San Marino; residents or those who have a residence permit in San Marino territory.

- The purchase of the Holiday Voucher is permitted exclusively by those who act for purposes other than business, commercial and professional activities that may be carried out.

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1. Scegli la struttura in cui soggiornerai, il numero di camere e le date del tuo soggiorno. 
2. Il tuo voucher è già inserito nel sistema: il prezzo per la seconda e la terza notte non verranno aggiunte al preventivo. 
    Acquista direttamente online il tuo soggiorno. 
3. Potrai usufruire del tuo voucher entro il 31 marzo 2022.
- Il Voucher Vacanza è acquistabile SOLO su questa piattaforma e sui booking online delle strutture aderenti. 

- Non è possibile cumulare più Voucher a fronte di una permanenza più lunga di tre notti.

- Il Voucher Vacanza NON è acquistabile da: dipendenti o amministratori di strutture ricettive, tour operator e agenzie di viaggi con sede a San Marino; residenti o coloro che hanno un permesso di soggiorno in territorio sammarinese.

- L’ acquisto del Voucher Vacanza è consentito esclusivamente da parte di persone fisiche che agiscono per scopi estranei all'attività imprenditoriale, commerciale e professionale eventualmente svolta.


Endless stories to be told in an open-air museum: you will walk among the magic of a medieval village with the history of millennial independence, to be seen from above traveling by cable car or climbing to the top of the Towers of San Marino. The world will be all yours for a moment.



What experience do you want to live today? Climbing Mount Titano? Riding the endless trails on an e-bike? Discovering nature or shooting a bow in a unique adventure? In San Marino it is possible with the infinite proposals for outdoor adventures: book them directly on the portal together with your stay.



From historical re-enactments with crossbowmen to great concerts, from acrobatic shows to the light shows that enliven San Marino evenings, from the celebration of local gastronomy to the infinite number of sports and competitions practiced in the Republic: there is no shortage of events in San Marino, and you can already see the calendar on our website and plan your holiday according to those you prefer!


Enjoy thousands of unforgettable experiences that only San Marino can offer you

Discover the infinite proposals between guided tours of the old town, aperitifs in the most beautiful places of our Republic and adventures to discover the nature that surrounds San Marino.
Discover them in advance here and buy them directly together with your stay!