22 August 2022

San Marino Goodbye Festival 2022

Music and dances dedicated to Raul Casadei


San Marino Goodbye Festival, the event dedicated to traditional Romagna music, inspired by the famous song of the Casadei Orchestra, is back.

The 2022 edition includes dance performances by dance schools, Mirko Casadei POPular Folk Orchestra and special guests.


22 August
"I really want to dance"
Dance show by the most representative dance schools. Over 100 dancers will perform in a spectacular dance show dedicated to the King of Liscio Raul Casadei. Roberto Chiesa and Paolo Semprini present the evening

23 August
"Liscio meets Jazz"
Mirko Casadei POPular Orchestra and special guest Fabrizio Bosso in quartet

22 August 2022 - 23 August 2022
to be defined

Campo Bruno Reffi
47890 Città di San Marino

Price: free event
Segreteria di Stato per il Turismo, Ufficio del Turismo, MIMICA srl
booking not required


Campo Bruno Reffi
47890 Città di San Marino