26 January 2023

Filippo Graziani in Concert

Ivan archipelago


San Marino will welcome Filippo Graziani and his band on Thursday 26 January 2023, at the Teatro Nuovo, for a concert that promises great emotions. Songs, music, drawing and writing. All this is Ivan Archipelago.

It is the place that contains all the artistic facets of Ivan Graziani which coexist in balance just like the islands of an archipelago. This is Filippo Graziani's homage to his father who, like on board a ship, will ferry the spectators between music, stories and readings to relive the great successes of the Graziani house such as Lugano addio, Firenze, Pigro but also the debut songs and the side B of the most famous records to discover new curiosities about the first Italian rock singer-songwriter.

The line-up:

FILIPPO GRAZIANI (guitar and voice)


FRANCESCO CARDELLI (electric bass and acoustic guitar)

ELIA ZAMBARDINO (piano, keyboards and accordion)

Exclusively for the San Marino date, the EoS Quartet will be on stage with Graziani's band.

The EoS Quartet, Aldo Capicchioni (1st Violin) Michela Zanotti (2nd Violin), Aldo Zangheri (Viola)


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26 January 2023

Teatro Nuovo Dogana, San Marino

Price: 9,5 euros
San Marino Toruism Board
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Teatro Nuovo Dogana
Piazza M. Tini, 5
47891 Dogana, San Marino