16 Nov 2022

San Marino in Prague for the European Travel Commission

General Meeting, Board of Directors and European Tourism Forum

The works of the General Meeting n. 104 of the European Travel Commission in which San Marino participated with the delegates of the San Marino Tourism Board, Annachiara Sica and Franca Rastelli and the consultant of the Ministry of Tourism Stefano Moroncelli.

The San Marino delegation also took part on 15 November in the work of the Board of Directors (no. 106) of which San Marino is a member for the two-year period 2022/2023 and in the European Tourism Forum organized by the Czech presidency of the European Union Council  in cooperation with the European Commission, the Ministry of Regional Development and by CzechTourism.

The ETC, which brings together 34 member countries, has as its main objective the promotion of tourism in Europe and the promotion of the member countries in non-European markets (USA, Canada, Brazil and China).
Sustainability, climate change, marketing and research activities and the 2030 strategic plan are some of the topics discussed during the two days of works.

Furthermore, ample space was dedicated to the development of collaboration with the European Union and to co-financing activities with European funds, in which San Marino participated in the first half of 2022, benefiting from a loan of 90,000 euros for the joint campaign with Emilia Romagna and Marche 'The Lovely Places'.

For Annachiara Sica as Director of the San Marino Tourism Board, this is the first participation within the international body and she expresses great satisfaction for the promotional activity carried out by ETC and for the opportunities to develop joint campaigns co-financed by the European Union and sharing of best practices in the tourism sector, strategic for Europe and for the Republic of San Marino.