24 Nov 2022

The story of Superintendent Rotondi becomes a film to be shot between San Marino and the Marche region

Today the organizational meeting

Today the organizational meeting to kick off a film production born thanks to the relationship between the Republic and its neighboring territories

The headquarters of the Marche Cultura Foundation at the Marche Regional Council in Ancona hosted a meeting this morning which was attended by the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of San Marino Federico Pedini Amati, the Head of the Marche Film Commission Francesco Gesualdi together with Silvia Pincini and Sofia Cecchetti, the Mayor of Sassocorvaro-Auditore Daniele Grossi, the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Carpegna Luca Pasquini, Alice Lombardelli of the Municipality of Urbania and Urbino, Alberto Biral, Deputy Mayor of Carpegna and Lorena Varano, Councilor for Culture of Sassoferrato for a meeting with the Quality Film production company represented by Amedeo Letizia, Mariella Li Sacchi, Michele Lella and the Director Roberto Dordit.
On the table a prestigious collaboration between territories and administrations which aims to create a film production on the story of Pasquale Rotondi.
Pasquale Rotondi was Superintendent of the Galleries and Works of Art of the Marche region during the Second World War. We owe him the rescue of thousands of works of art, which were hidden and preserved in Montefeltro (Rocca di Sassocorvaro, Palazzo dei Principi in Carpegna, Palazzo Ducale in Urbino).
The life and the work of Pasquale Rotondi since 1997 have inspired, in Sassocorvaro, a Prize named in his memory and dedicated to the "saviors of art". The art rescue operations in wartime already in 2004 were the focus of the film "Monuments men" directed by and starring George Clooney. In 2019 the Minister of that time Franceschini announced a major exhibition on the rescue of works of art during the World War II.
Today the collaboration and enthusiasm for the initiative have led to a common commitment so that filming of the cinematographic work can start as early as the first months of 2023. Funds to support the project have already been allocated, other funding could soon arrive. The film should be shot in the Republic of San Marino where Pasquale Rotondi was awarded the Honor of Saint Agatha and in the Municipalities of Sassocorvaro Auditore, Carpegna, Urbino, Urbania, Pesaro, Cagli, Fano, Fossombrone, Senigallia, Piobbico and Sassoferrato where Rotondi spent his life.
The creation of a film production in the Marche region and in the Republic of San Marino would materialize the projects on the development of film tourism included among the strategic sectors of the Territorial Table for Tourism.