26 Jan 2023

The snow of the past few days has damaged the paths, AASLP is working to restore the damage

We advise excursionists to be careful, some stretches may remain closed

The copious snow that has fallen in recent days, combined with rain that, consequently, made it heavy, has dangerously damaged the San Marino arboreal heritage, causing the breaking of branches and the fall of plants. Serious environmental damage that has compromised parked vehicles and created obstacles to road traffic. The temperatures above 0 C° and the copious rain are favoring the rapid melting of the snow but the concern of the AASLP technicians is that along the steepest slopes, which are sometimes also the most fragile (e.g. Sentiero della Rupe which for long stretches is under "ridges of rock"), the snow may have brought down to the valley not only plants (or branches) but also pieces of the path. There is also the hypothesis that it moved stones and earth to cover entire sections of the route and that this process could also occur in the days to come. The AASLP technicians have taken action to monitor the "practicability and safety" of the routes even if in the short term, it is complex to intervene to remove all the obstacles. As soon as the situation improves, action will be taken to restore at least the most popular itineraries and to secure those that are currently fragile so that they can become viable again. If any path is seriously damaged and it will not be possible to intervene, it will be necessary to close it. We trust that excursionists will understand this. All excursionists are advised to always face their walks adequately equipped with safety equipment and to proceed on the itineraries and paths with all possible prudence and precautions.