19 June 2022

Nomadi in concert

The new album "Solo Esseri Umani"


It was the early 1960s when Beppe Carletti and Augusto Daolio decided to form their own band between Modena and Reggio Emilia. The debut takes place in 1963 and the name chosen is Nomadi, a name chosen a little by chance but perhaps also by destiny! 54 years have passed but they are still there: 80 concerts a year throughout the Peninsula with an annual average of 1,000,000 spectators including children, parents and grandparents, thus creating what can be defined as the "nomadic people".

It is the longest-running band in Italy and before them, in the world, only the Rolling Stones: in 2018 the NOMADI celebrated 55 years of music.

In 1966 the collaboration with a then unknown Francesco Guccini began. From this partnership, songs are born that will mark a fundamental stage in the Italian music scene: Noi non ci saremo and Dio è morto, will become real flags for millions of young people. And in 1972 Io Vagabondo, which is still today the band's symbolic song and anthem for several generations, written for them by Alberto Salerno and Damiano Dattoli.

19 June 2022

Campo Bruno Reffi, Città di San Marino

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Campo Bruno Reffi
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino