27 May 2023


Olnano in the heart of history

In the green area of the Ausa Park in Dogana - San Marino, "Quattrocentesca" is back for the second consecutive year: a unique opportunity to discover a real medieval military camp from the 15th century.

Entering the camp, visitors will find themselves immersed in the daily activities of the camp, in particular in year 1463, the year in which San Marino went to war against Sigismondo of Malatesta and, emerging victorious, acquired the last four territories that still form part of it: Serravalle , Montegiardino, Faetano, Chiesanuova.

In these two days, scenes of daily life from a distant but always fascinating past will come back to life. The armigers, soldiers and guards will practice military maneuvers and duels, demonstrating military techniques and skills. The sutler in the field kitchen will be busy preparing food and beverages with ancient aromas and flavours, while skilled tradesmen such as seamstresses, surgeons and craftsmen will be dedicated to activities complementary to the camp.

For both evenings there will be live music and food stands.

Free admission to all events.

For further information and the complete programme, consult the website of the Giunta di Castello di Serravalle here.

27 - 29 May 2023
10.00 - 24.00

Parco Ausa
Serravalle, San Marino

Price: free event
La Giunta di Castello di Serravalle in collaboration with La Corte di Olnano and la Compagnia dell’Istrice
booking not required


Parco Ausa
Serravalle, San Marino