Montegiardino Gypsums Path

Thematic itinerary n. 3 of the Walk of the Titano

Starting from the characteristic medieval centre in the municipality of Montegiardino, this itinerary allows you to explore the area of the ancient gypsum quarry and the ruins of the furnace and the mill.

The disappearance of the "gessaroli" (gypsum workers) and the consequent abandonment of the infrastructures has left space to nature, which, over time, has created a wild, particular and enchanting environment. Today this area is as narrow as it is spectacular, used only by hikers, instinctive archery sportsmen and some trial bikers.

The starting point is in Montegiardino’s old town which has parking spaces and it’s the most easily accessible and locatable place, it’s a very charming town thanks to its preserved medieval features and it offers some small services, such as bars and accommodation.

Piazza della Pace - 47898 Montegiardino, San Marino

Practical information
Length of the trail: approx. 2,3 kilometers
Walking time: 1/1:30 hours
Difference in altitude: 121 metres (minimum altitude 225 metres a.s.l., maximum altitude 341 metres a.s.l.)
Difficulty: medium (some short slippery stretches on steep slopes)

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Starting point:
Piazza della Pace
47898 Montegiardino
San Marino

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