18 Nov 2022

An incredible journey, the magical Christmas Train stops in San Marino

The Christmas of Wonders in San Marino will offer a magical experience

The Christmas of Wonders in San Marino will offer a magical experience through one of the most famous Christmas adventures

Organization entrusted to NexTime Eventi, inauguration scheduled for 26 November
Pedini Amati: "It will be a magical edition, the theme of travel and trains excites the young and the old"

The Christmas of Wonders, this year, will be "An incredible journey!" San Marino citizens, tourists and visitors of the 2022/2023 edition of the Christmas of the Republic of San Marino will be immersed in a fairytale atmosphere that will lead them on board the magical departing train for a unique emotional experience.

Theme, installations, attractions, events and promotional campaign were presented this morning at a press conference by the Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati, by the Director of the San Marino Tourism Board Annachiara Sica, by Alberto Di Rosa of NexTime Eventi and by the Artistic Director Simone Ranieri.

The journey will begin with the inauguration on Saturday 26 November at 16.30 in Piazza della Libertà.

The Polar Express will be in Piazza della Libertà, where you can immerse yourself in a fantastic world with Christmas music, sounds and lights and where at the conductor's whistle you can get on board and leave for "An incredible journey". As always, Piazza della Libertà will be the beating heart of Christmas, there will be a large light installation that can be visited: the Polar Express! An eccentric train conductor will involve the public and guide them to discover the immersive shows for adults and children. The attraction is open every day from 10.00 to 19.30, shows will be held at 16.30, 17.30, 18.30 and 19.00.

The little ones and dreamers of all ages, from 10.00 to 19.30 in Campo Bruno Reffi, will find the wonderful "Toy Factory" to discover together with Santa Claus and his helpers how to build the perfect toy! 300 square meters of covered, heated and welcoming space with free admission, with creative workshops, magical machines, secret projects, face painting and many activities to do together with Santa Claus and his magical helpers! There will be a mailbox to send letters.

On 10, 11, 17 and 18 December at 16.00 and 18.00 inside the "Toy Factory" it will be possible to attend the Family Show written and directed by Simone Ranieri of Illusion Group for the Christmas of Wonders, overwhelming and full of special effects, in which dancers, singers, acrobats and circus artists will inhabit the stage making the audience the protagonist and participant in solving the story. Choreographies by Matteo Addino, well-known choreographer of musical, theatrical and television shows and choreographer of "Il Cantante Mascherato" on RaiUno. The official pre-sale of tickets is on vivaticket.it, at the Music Store at the Atlante Shopping Center in Dogana and at the Porta della Fratta Infopoint; admission costs €5.00.

Like every year, there will be an ice rink which will be located in the "Polar Park" of Cava dei Balestrieri where it will be possible to skate and experience the magic of the snow shows. The Polar Park will be open from 26 November to 23 December every day from 15.00 to 19.30; Saturdays, Sundays, Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December from 10.00 to 19.30. From 24 December to 8 January every day from 10.00 to 19.30 and from 21.00 to 23.00. Snow show every day at 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 19.00.

Piazzale Domus Plebis awaits tourists who will visit San Marino with the incredible little bell, the ideal setting for taking unforgettable selfies and for participating in the #sanmarinounviaggiocredibile photo contest. For the entire duration of the event, a competition will in fact be active for those who will take a photo in the main attractions of the Christmas of Wonders and publish it on their Instagram channel with #sanmarinounviaggiocredibile as a tag. You can win a Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G3 ACL notebook offered by TIM San Marino.

It's not Christmas without the warmth of the typical mountain huts! The Traditional Christmas Markets in Via Eugippo, Via Donna Felicissima and Piazzale Bartolomeo Borghesi are back, welcoming visitors with gifts, handicrafts, typical products, food and sweets.

The lighting arrangements are confirmed; the lights that ignite the warmth of Christmas and transmit unique emotions will be installed along the streets and in the iconic places of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For train enthusiasts, inside the Cassa di Risparmio di San Marino Gallery it will be possible to visit the Treno Bianco Azzurro Exhibition and retrace the most characteristic stages of the famous Rimini – San Marino journey through original period objects and memorabilia and unpublished photographs thanks to the collaboration with the Treno Bianco Azzurro Association.

Saturday 26 November appointment in Piazza della Libertà, at 16.30 with Rebby and Molly, San Marino youtubers, for the official opening of the event; Sunday 4 December from 16.00 to 19.00 the parade through the streets of the Old Town with mini-shows in Piazza Titano and Piazza Garibaldi while Friday 30 December at 16.00 the "Santa's Funky Band" will perform in the streets of the Old Town as well.

For New Year's Eve we’re back to celebrating in Piazzale Lo Stradone with "The Night of Toys" and with the overwhelming energy of the Toy Party Band that will set the stage of Lo Stradone di San Marino on fire. For the first time it will be the world of toys, led by the Muffin-Man, stilt walkers, Grinch and Toys to open the dances and stay with us during the most awaited night of the year: the Dj set will be curated by Lorenzo Giardi who, together with dancers, singers and performers will lead San Marino into the new year.

On 6 January at 16.00 and 19.00 the greeting of the magical characters of the "Christmas of Wonders" to the Republic of San Marino with the show "The Dancing Fairies". The ice queens, accompanied by fairy dancers and the ever-present juggling gnomes, will entertain the public with an extravagant parade.

Every Sunday until 31 December, at 9.00, the San Marino tourist guides will accompany tourists on a guided tour "Discovering San Marino, a Unesco World Heritage Site" with meeting point at Porta San Francesco.

The By Train service will connect Piazzale Nazioni Unite, Piazzale Lo Stradone and the car parks number 2Bus, number 3, number 5 and number 6.

The Polar-Express ticket will be distributed at the 4 infopoints, to be validated in four locations: Piazza della Libertà, Polar Park, Toy Factory and Porta San Francesco. Upon completion of the ticket, the visitor will be able to receive a gadget and by presenting it at the participating commercial establishments, take advantage of special benefits.

Federico Pedini Amati (Minister of Tourism): "As you know, a public notice was set up for the organization of this edition of the Christmas of Wonders which was entrusted to NexTime Eventi, which thus returns to organizing our main event of the winter tourist season. The theme of the train, travel and the Polar Express struck us immediately, it is a theme that excites adults and children and which we see as similar to the initiatives of the Ministry. We are certain that tourists and visitors who come to visit the Christmas of wonders will find the atmosphere they expect. As you know, despite the emergency situation, we will keep the lights and ice rink on, even if at limited times. There will be shows and obviously even the traditional New Year's Eve party at Lo Stradone. I am sure it will be a memorable edition, the appointment is obviously for 26 November, the date of the inaugural trip of our Polar Express".

Annachiara Sica (Director of the San Marino Tourism Board): The 20th Edition of "The Christmas of Wonders - An incredible journey" is a project in line with the communicative value and the role of primary importance that events during the Christmas period play in the tourist segment. The Christmas of Wonders is reconfirmed as a real product with a strong appeal, capable of attracting an ever-increasing number of visitors and which aims at enhancing San Marino as a tourist destination of excellence, thanks to the involvement of operators in the tourism chain who, we are certain, will offer unique experiences. During the 26 days of the event, collateral events will also take place, which will contribute to enriching and animating the offer of the most magical period of the year".

Alberto Di Rosa (NexTime Eventi): “We are really proud to go back to organizing Christmas events in our country. The Christmas of Wonders is a key event for San Marino tourist planning and it is an honor to know that the proposal chosen by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board is ours. We work for large national and international clients but it is always a pleasure to be able to bring our creations to our country. We will try to organize an immersive and emotional event that takes people on a real fantastic journey thanks to our installations created specifically for this event. Not only the imaginary journey of the Polar Express but also and above all the journey into the traditional atmospheres of Christmas, toys, snow and ice. Not only attractions and installations but real shows for families”.

Simone Ranieri (Artistic Director – NexTime Eventi): “We chose the theme of the Polar Express because it has always been a fascinating theme, that of the train traveling along the ice towards Santa Claus' house is a story that everyone knows and from which everyone is impressed. As always, our goal is to excite tourists and visitors and to achieve this we rely on music, lights, projections, installations and exhibitions by artists who have an international curriculum. The main show is as always the one in Piazza della Libertà but there will be many areas of the Old Town that will come alive to make us dream. I would like to focus in particular on the 4 shows that will be held inside the "Factory of Toys" and which have been written specifically for Christmas in San Marino and which will involve acrobats, dancers and international artists".

The organization of the 2022/2023 edition of the Christmas of Wonders was entrusted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board to NexTime Eventi by Alberto Di Rosa who will give life to the shows of "An incredible journey" under the artistic direction by Simone Ranieri.

The main sponsor of the event will be the well-known jewelry brand #BRAND. The event will be sponsored by Banca di San Marino, San Marino Outlet Experience, Grafikart, Titan Coop and Illusion Group. Tim San Marino, Salusland by Pharma Titano and Energreen.sm will be technical partners of the event. The visual of the campaign is curated by NexTime Eventi with the collaboration of BBL Advertising by Alessandra Lanzani and MOAB for media planning, the "magic shot" for the campaign of "An incredible journey" is by Simone Maria Fiorani.

Complete program of the event on: www.visitsanmarino.com

We await you on the weekends of 26 and 27 November, 3 and 4 December, from 8 to 11 December, 17 and 18 December and every day from 24 December to 8 January 2023.
On 25 December and 1st January from 15.00 to 19.30.

Press Office – San Marino Tourism Board
T 0549 885431 - ufficiostampa.turismo@pa.sm
Follow us on: @VisitSanMarino

Next Time srl production
Project Manager Alberto DiRosa
Artistic Direction Simone Ranieri

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