La Serenissima

Via Venticinque Marzo, 67 – 47895 Domagnano, San Marino

We tell you the story of one of the oldest and most famous confectionery companies in San Marino


It was the early 1940s when Simone Michelotti and his older children set up the small artisan workshop, slowly recruiting the workers.
At the inauguration, in 1942, there was pastry chef Giovanni Zaghini, chosen by grandfather Michelotti to head the staff. Since then, after three generations, the company is still firmly managed by the Michelotti family.
The common thread of their confectionery production, yesterday as well as today, is the desire to create delicious, unusual, recognizable and long-lasting cakes. And this is how the round wafer cake was born, "made of crunchy wafers and biscuits stuffed with the best chocolate around" as stated in the book La Serenissima created in 2017 to celebrate 75 years of activity.

The confectionery products of "La Serenissima"

Among all, the best known desserts that identify the production of La Serenissima are the Torta Tre Monti - Three Mounts Cake and the Torta Titano - Titano Cake, both handmade and without preservatives.
The first one is made with five layers of round waffles stuffed with cocoa cream and hazelnuts and finished with an external dark chocolate crown.
The second one is made with two layers of almond, peanut and honey based pastry stuffed with chocolate and meringue.
In addition to the two abovementioned products, the production of La Serenissima also includes the chocolates of the Municipalities of San Marino, the Verretta cake and seven different types of biscuits.

Suppliers and 0 km collaborations

Most of the ingredients used for the production of the famous cakes are from San Marino. Proud of this market choice, they want to clarify that for them "it’s essential to collaborate with other companies in the area in order to be all united also in the eyes of tourists".
Their production is for direct consumers, as well as pastry shops, bars and local supermarkets. Despite this, they are also very active in the online sales sector, thanks to which they have customers in Italy, Europe and also in the USA.