San Marino Residence Relais

Strada del Bargello, 59a - 47891 Dogana, San Marino

For a stay in an atmosphere with attention to detail, in the quiet of your own privacy, in elegant and comfortable suites. For longer stays that require the presence of the family, the San Marino Residence Relais has functional mini apartments equipped with wifi (or socket)internet connection system, cooker or kitchen, safe, bar area at the reception.

General info
one room apartments: 4
apartments: 2
beds: 16
All services offered
bar and mini-bar
parking and garage
night watcher
conference room

Hotel formula rates
One room apartment min € 60,00 max € 85,00
apartment min € 80,00 max € 130,00

Residence formula rates
One room apartment min € 190,00 max € 280,00
apartment min € 270,00 max € 400,00