Where to eat in San Marino

The Restaurants of San Marino

Local flavours in a tradition that will never fade away

Food: one of the cornerstones of San Marino tradition

Renowned for its cuisine and restaurants, San Marino has succeeded in preserving the intriguing flavours of the past through its cuisine, skilfully blending the tastes of its own tradition with those of the neighbouring regions: Romagna and Marche.

What are the area’s typical dishes?

Fresh pasta is by a long way one of the most authentically Sammarinese traditional dishes.
Tagliatelle, pappardelle, stringhetti and tagliolini are served with meat sauce, sausage, peas, beans and many other ingredients typical of the area.
In some menus you are able to taste these delicacies in combination with new flavours, according to the canons of a gastronomy that has embraced the criterion of lightness. In others it is the classic recipe that rules.

Meat, fish and gastronomic evenings

The restaurants of San Marino offer an excellent selection of meats, mostly from local farms.
There is also a rich offering of fish, which Sammarinese chefs choose in the early hours of the morning, in the nearby markets of the Adriatic.
Many of the eating venues, members of prestigious restaurant associations, are famous for gastronomic evenings that offer themed menus and intriguing proposals all year round.
On special occasions, such as during the Easter holidays, the Christmas of Wonders and more, the restaurants of San Marino deck themselves out in the atmosphere inspired by the event and offer tasty meals with dedicated menus.

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