San Marino on two wheels

Cycling in the world’s oldest republic

Exploring San Marino on two wheels

The Republic of San Marino is the ideal destination for lovers of two wheels, thanks to the unmistakable conformation of its territory and the amazing views of Monte Titano and the Romagna Riviera. By cycling in San Marino, everyone can have fun and savor that unique feeling of freedom that only an adventure in the saddle is capable of giving.

Fun and more: choosing a bicycle as a means of transportation also means opting for a more conscious and sustainable holiday approach, safeguarding the environment and one's health. Getting around by bike, in fact, is a unique activity that allows you to be in close contact with the nature of the place, discover new perspectives and venture along routes other than the most travelled ones. Whether the chosen means of transport is a timeless racing bike, an adrenaline-fueled mountain bike or an e-bike capable of smoothening any difference in altitude, the Republic of San Marino will be able to offer anyone the unforgettable experience they are looking for.

E-Bike Experience, the benchmark in the Republic

E-Bike Experience is undoubtedly the reference for those who want to have an unforgettable cycling experience in San Marino. Located in Borgo Maggiore near the panoramic cable car station, E-Bike Experience offers numerous services dedicated to the bike and e-bike world. These include:

•    e-bike rentals: thanks to their assisted pedaling, anyone can experience exciting tours on two wheels;
•    guided excursions: explore the area without worries by relying on expert guides and instructors;
•    secure bike storage service: at the Bike Point in Borgo Maggiore;
•    charging point for e-bikes with Bosch or Borse motors.

E-Bike Experience
Piazzale Campo della Fiera 18
Borgo Maggiore
T +39 351 003 1254

Rules for a safe adventure

Cyclists, according to Article 52 of the Highway Code, must always proceed in a single file and have free use of their hands and arms, and must hold the handlebars with both hands; only in case of need is it possible to hold the handlebars with one hand for appropriate maneuvers or signaling.

In addition, cyclists:

  • may not be towed by other vehicles;
  • must be able to see freely in front of them at all times, on both sides, and carry out necessary maneuvers as freely, readily and easily as possible;
  • must drive the vehicle by hand when, because of traffic conditions, they are an obstruction or danger to pedestrians. In such cases they are treated in the same way as pedestrians and must use common diligence and prudence.

In particular, new obligations for cyclists were introduced by Delegated Decree 73/2023 supplementing the Highway Code, including:

  • from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise and, in any case, whenever poor visibility conditions exist, cyclists:

a)    must use front and rear light signaling devices;
b)    must wear personal devices or high-visibility reflective clothing.