San Marino: accessible tourism for all

Special offers for people with special needs: Triride and PiĆ¹perteCard

With the San Marino for All project, the Republic of San Marino is aiming to address all visitors and people with disabilities to make the destination more and more friendly and enjoyable.

It is possible to download the San Marino Hospitality without barriers guide with all the useful information to make your visit in the Old Town easier and more comfortable.

Wheelchair users will have a revolutionary new resource at their disposal for moving around freely and discovering the Ancient Land of Liberty, without barriers.

This is the Triride a small but great aid, applicable in a few seconds to a normal manual wheelchair to transform it into a motorized wheelchair, which ensures high performance even on difficult routes.

It is easy to use and can be attached quickly to almost all wheelchair models, recharged in just over 4 hours and has a range of more than 50 km on flat routes. 

Triride rental: Q&A

Who is the device for?  
Everybody except the cognitive disabled and people with tetraplegia or motor difficulties in the arms.
Can minors use the Triride?
In the case of use by minors (15-17 year-olds) an accompanying adult must act as guarantor and sign the release.
Are there any particular rules to observe when using the Triride?
Triride users are considered pedestrians, so they can also enter restaurants and bars and are required to observe the rules of the road (e.g. they may prefer to use the pavement if present). The presence of a companion is desirable when the user is not familiar with the device, or if an elderly person happens to be using the wheelchair, but is not a habitual user.
How fast can I go with a Triride?
The legal maximum speed is 6 kph (although the device can reach 10 kph to be able to cope with challenging climbs and heavier users).
How do I recharge the battery?
The battery should be charged after every period of use. The battery has two lights: when it is charging they are both red, when one turns green it is charged and it should be disconnected as soon as possible. It takes 4 hours to fully charge, but you can charge it even if it has only dropped 1 notch.
How long does a battery charge last?
The charge autonomy is 50 km running on flat ground, but in San Marino it is around 25/30 km.
Can I use the Triride when it is raining?
The Triride can be used in the rain, but you will need to dry the housing where the battery is attached very carefully. They must not be left out in the cold or in a temperature above 30°C.
What happens in case of damage or theft?
The user is responsible for the battery and the key (if delivered). In case of damage/loss of the Triride, the sum held at the time of signing the contract will be retained as a refund.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover San Marino in complete autonomy.

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IMPORTANT: requests must be received with a minimum notice of 72 hours



PiÙPERTE card: special offers for people with special needs

PiÙPERTE is the card dedicated to people with special needs and allows you to enjoy special conditions in many facilities in San Marino such as events, sports events and transport.

Where to apply for a Card?
At the Tourist Information Office, in the historic centre of San Marino, presenting a copy of an identity document and a certificate of disability.

What services is there an agreement with?

  • Cable car service: free use for disabled and accompanying persons
  • ATI transport service: free use for disabled and accompanying persons
  • National Museums (First Tower, Second Tower, Public Palace, State Museum, St. Francis Museum, National Gallery, Stamp and Coin Museum)
  • Film screenings at San Marino cinemas
  • Admission to shows of the Theatre Season organized by the Cultural Institutes
  • Free admission to the Multieventi Sport Domus swimming pool (reduced ticket for carers)

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