Questa pagina è dedicata alla promozione delle attività culturali per la cittadinanza sammarinese

The cultural offer for those who live in San Marino

San Marino (in San Marino dialect: San Marèin or San Maroin), officially the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, often abbreviated to the Republic of San Marino, is a landlocked state in southern Europe in the center-north of the Italian peninsula, on the border between the Italian regions of Emilia-Romagna (province of Rimini) and Marche (province of Pesaro and Urbino). It has a territorial extension of 61.19 square km populated by 33191 inhabitants. It is one of the least populous among the member states of the Council of Europe and the United Nations. The capital is City of San Marino, the official language is Italian and the inhabitants are called sammarinesi.

Since 2000, the old town of the city of San Marino and Mount Titano have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site as "evidence of the continuity of a free republic since the thirteenth century".


Events dedicated to the people who live in San Marino