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The Violin Museum was founded as a tribute to the great San Marino luthier Marino Capicchioni and it is, along with the House of Music, the only opportunity to see, touch, hear and understand music and its instruments.

A step-by-step guided tour accompanies you through the wonderful reality that transforms a piece of wood into a violin, revealing a mystery that for 400 years has amazed and beguiled the world. The secret of Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri: the magic of wood that turns into notes.
A place where you not only have the opportunity to meet great musicians and talk to them to learn the thousand secrets of music and where you can see them try out an instrument to evaluate its sound, but also receive Specialist Master Classes of the highest level and take part in meetings that in many cases will be remarkable in the world of classical and modern music.    

The Violin Museum

The Violin Museum contains a selection of instruments of great interest, the outcome of research done by three generations of collectors who decided to combine their efforts and create a collection unique of its kind in so far as it was born out of a shared idea, namely to search for the finest work of each composer represented.

The House of Music

The project arose from the great passion of Maestro Paolo Bandini, collector, scholar and expert in ancient and modern violin making who wanted to pay tribute to a great family of luthiers of the Republic of San Marino: the Maestros Marino and Mario Capicchioni, both born on the slopes of Mount Titano.

Contrada del Collegio n. 2 (Piazzetta Titano) – 47890 Città di San Marino
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Museo del Violino e Casa della Musica
Contrada del Collegio n. 2
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino

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