Natural History Museum

A cultural centre for study, research and documentation

Where is the Natural History Museum?

The Natural History Museum is located in Borgo Maggiore at the San Marino Nature Centre, which also includes the Institute for Study, Research and Documentation. The Museum is located 150 metres from the Borgo Maggiore cable car station or, by just following the signs, it can be reached on foot from the historic centre of San Marino, by walking down the Costa dell'Arnella, a pleasantly picturesque walk that links the two locations that have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The purpose of this cultural centre is to bring together research and documentation regarding Natural and Environmental Sciences and to raise awareness on the topics of nature and environment by enhancing the natural and landscape heritage of San Marino.

What is kept in the Natural History Museum?

The Museum has six exhibition sections:

  • the high-definition Model of the entire territory of San Marino on a scale of 1:8000
  • three-dimensional representations (called "dioramas") of the most typical Sammarinese natural habitats
  • the aquarium terrarium containing numerous species of water and land animals including crested newts, toads, Apennine frogs and many more
  • the room dedicated to "ornithology" with a rich collection of European birds
  • the "zoology" section which includes exhibits of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and other invertebrates, particularly local species
  • an area dedicated to "Earth Sciences" which includes display structures covering Mineralogy, Geology and Palaeontology

All exhibition modules show descriptive labels containing analysis and illustrations that complete the descriptions given for single exhibits.

What does the Museum offer to visitors?

The cultural centre offers:

  • didactic support activity for schools
  • scientific advice regarding naturalistic-environmental matters
  • guided tours of the museum's exhibition facilities
  • guided excursions in natural environments
  • workshops and educational games
  • organization of events and public meetings
  • library consultation
Via Valdes de Carli, 21 – 47893 Borgo Maggiore, San Marino
upon reservation
Free entry
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Museo di Storia Naturale
Via Valdes de Carli, 21
47893 Borgo Maggiore
San Marino

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