28 Mar 2023

The Piqued Jacks European tour has begun

The winners of Una voce per San Marino are preparing their participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

Minister of Tourism Federico Pedini Amati: "Ambassadors of our Republic"

The presentation tour of the Piqued Jacks, the winners of "Una Voce per San Marino" and the next representatives of San Marino at "Eurovision Liverpool 2023", got underway from Barcelona last weekend. The four Tuscan boys, who carry the blue-and-white flag of the Republic of San Marino on stage, have met public in Spain with widespread success and unanimous appreciation for a performance that has been defined as of the highest level even by the most expert critics of the "Eurovisual" world and which established itself as a “trend topic” on Twitter in Spain.
Participation in the official Eurovision presentation events is considered by experts to be particularly important to promote one's performances and be known by the millions of fans who follow the event.
The Ministry of Tourism, which has promoted "Una Voce per San Marino", is closely following the path of the Piqued Jacks which will continue with participation in the Polish Eurovision Party in Warsaw on 1 April and then in Tel Aviv for "Israel Calling" on 3 April, at the Eurovision Pre-party in Madrid on 8 April, at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam on 15 April and the following day, 16 April, at the London Eurovision Party in London.

Federico Pedini Amati (Minister of Tourism): “The Piqued Jacks are playing their cards with honour, passion and commitment and at the same time promoting the Republic of San Marino in a world, that of Eurovision, which has millions of fans and which is among the most discussed on social networks. They are true ambassadors of San Marino. By congratulating them on their journey, I intend to confirm my support, in the hope of being able to reach them soon to listen to them live!”