30 Mar 2023

Italy-San Marino, after the bilateral Pedini Amati – Santanchè today was the day of the mixed commission

Today in Rome the meeting between the technicians of the Secretariat of State and the Ministry to develop joint tourism initiatives

The Italy-San Marino joint commission met this morning at the headquarters of the Ministry of Tourism in Villa Ada (Rome), in which the technicians and consultants of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of San Marino and the Italian Ministry of Tourism took part.

Among the topics on the table an international collaboration starting from the possible joint organization of the 2nd UNWTO European Conference on Accessible Tourism which will be hosted in San Marino on 16/17 November 2023. Also within the UNWTO framework, the Republic of San Marino has assured its support for the Italian candidacy for one of the five seats available for the Europe Region in the Executive Committee that will be elected during the 68th Regional Commission for Europe, which will take place from 31 May to 2 June in Bulgaria.

Presented updates and news related to the T.T.T. (Territorial Table for Tourist) and to The Lovely Places’ initiative which has become a "best practice" in international circles as a synergistic tourism development and promotion project between territories, including those of different countries. In this regard, San Marino has presented a report on the funding already obtained in the European context. Further possible fundraising initiatives to support the project and the areas were then evaluated.
A meeting with all the municipalities of the TTT project will be organized soon during which the Italian Ministry will present the regulatory interventions for new forms of financing to which small municipalities and villages in particular will be able to access (even in aggregate form) with the aim of further developing local tourism.
On San Marino's proposal, the importance of paying maximum attention to structural projects of common interest was shared, such as the valorisation of the International Airport of Rimini and San Marino, the definition of new thematic areas in the tourist itineraries of the TTT territories, the valorisation of religious and walking tourism.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Enrica Guerri Head of Cabinet of the Ministry of Tourism together with the Deputy Dr. Maria Ciani, Dr. Roberto Nepomuceno, Director of Office II of the General Secretariat - Ministry of Tourism, the Minister's Diplomatic Advisor Daniele Santanchè, Dr. Simone Landini, the Director of the Department of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of San Marino Filippo Francini, Dr. Loretta Zafferani and Piermatteo Berti of the San Marino Ministry of Tourism and the consultant of the Ministry of Tourism Dr. Massimo Feruzzi.