San Marino Wedding

The law of 23 December 2020 n. 223 mandates the State Congress to adopt the regulatory tools for the establishment of a Wedding Organization Destination, in order to encourage and facilitate the celebration of marriage in the Republic of San Marino, especially for foreign citizens, with the aim of developing the Wedding tourist product, as envisaged in the Strategic Plan for Tourism of the Republic of San Marino 2019-2023 and to expand the tourist offer.
The project was born and developed by the Ministry of Tourism and the San Marino Tourism Board, with the support of Regency srl, which will culminate with the establishment of the San Marino Wedding Organization (SMWO). SMWO will be the reference point for the Wedding offer of the Republic, providing a strategic link between the territory and the market.

The functions of San Marino Wedding Organization
SMWO will have the task of:
• supporting the bride and groom and wedding planners in handling the paperwork;
• developping a network of operators in the wedding sector in San Marino;
• promoting the San Marino destination in the Wedding Tourism market.

The stages of the project
• training (by March 2021);
• creation of photographic material to support the promotion (by April 2021);
• regulatory review (April-June 2021);
• development of marketing tools (by May 2021);
• communication activities.

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