Tactile exhibition space

Where is Tactilia located?

Tactilia is an open-air tactile exhibition space located in the Cantone Panoramico (Panoramic Corner) area in front of the cable car station.

Why visit Tactilia?

Because this space makes the artistic and cultural heritage of San Marino’s old town accessible to residents and visitors with visual, hearing and motor disabilities; it also offers young people and all visitors an educational and attractive tool to better understand the history and values of freedom and democracy of the oldest Republic in the world.

What is kept in Tactilia?

Here can be found 5 tactile works, each of which is combined with a QR code with audio explanation.

- Reproduction of the fresco "San Marino appears to its people" by Emilio Retrosi which is located in the Public Palace in the Great and General Council Room

- Scale reproduction of the ancient Domus Magna Comunis made in stone by the Sammarinese stonecutters

- Public Palace facade

- Profile of Mount Titano seen from the sea - made with the contribution of the San Marino Rotary Club

- Cross-section of Public Palace, with the representation of the floors of the building, of Piazza della Libertà and the underlying cisterns dating back to the 15th century.

Via Eugippo - 47890 Città di San, Marino San Marino
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Cantone Panoramico
Via Eugippo
47890 Città di San Marino
San Marino

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